Size Chart

Back Length (inches)
Neck (inches)
Chest (inches)
XS 10 10  14
S 12 11 16
M 14 13 20
L 17 15 23
XL 20 17 27
XXL 23 19 31
*Please review the diagram below to figure out the perfect fit for your pup*

* Neck (orange ring) Please measure all the way around and be careful to not be too loose or too tight.  Think of how you would like a collared shirt or tie to fit around your own neck - it should be snug, without being suffocating.

* Length (fuchsia semi circle)  Please measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail - this is important because we will adjust the length of the garments based off how long your pup is.

* Chest (green ring)  Please start to measure roughly 5" from the base of the neck.  This area is right under the forelegs where the straps of the garment wrap around your pup. This is also the usual spot where your pup's harness wraps around them.